Laboratorie dyrket Vagina hjelper kvinner med sjeldent syndrom

4 kvinner født med manglende skjede har fått implantert en ny vagina kanal laget av pasientenes egne celler. De fire kvinnene er alle født med MRKH – Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser Syndrome.
Les også hva Kristen Peterson har sagt i sitt intervju ift til dette – Sitat fra artikkel lenk under:

For Kristen Peterson, 26, a Port Orchard, Wash., woman who learned at age 16 that she had MRKHS, the idea of an organ engineered from a patient’s own cells is “mind-blowing.” Peterson was born with normal external genitals, but her vagina was less than an inch deep and she has no cervix, uterus or fallopian tubes. She had surgery earlier this year to create a “neovagina” and is satisfied with the results, but she says she’s glad there are new options for women with the disorder.

“I think it’s absolutely incredible,” she said. “It’s hard trying to put into words how I feel. It’s so amazing what science is able to do.”

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